Poem II
Poem by Ahmad Shawqi

Sülüs and nesih scripts.
Black ink on ahar paper, gouache and gold.
92 x 57 cm.

Illuminated by Gulsum Gugercin

"Guidance was born and all created things were illumined
And the mouth of the ages (time) was all smiles and praise
O best of those who came into existence in grand glory and authority (e.g., prophets)
Envoys to right guidance came informing of you (prophesying his coming)
God gave glad tiding to the heaven about you and it was beautified
And on your account the dust diffused the fragrance of musk
And your face appeared which is comprised of
Truth, and its highlight is guidance and modesty
Excellent traits embellished your awesome character
By which the noble are enraptured and enamored
And when you got angry, it was only anger
For the sake of truth, not malice or hatred
And when you judged an altercation, it was without doubt as if
Judgment come to the dispute from heaven
And when you took a pledge / oath or gave it
Then all of your pledge/pact was a covenant and fidelity
And when you pardoned, it was from a position of strength and ordained
The ignorant and uncouth should not underestimate/belittle your pardon
And when you showed compassionate mercy, then you were mother and father
These two are in this world the compassionate merciful ones
And when you walked towards the enemy, it was as a lion
And when you ran, it was as the wind."
Ahmad Shawqi